Trinity's I Go To Extremes
Breed: Golden Retriever  
Color: Light Gold 
Sex: M  
Born: 05-02-1999
Reg.# SN641047/05  
10 Gen IC: 7.43744%
Bred by: Caroline Kaplonski/Brenda Radcliffe  
Owned by: Dorothy Kaplonski/Caroline Kaplonski  
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
CH Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH WC VCX OS SDHF   AmCanCH Rush Hill's Haagen-Dazs CDX JH AX OAJ WCX VCX OS SDHF Can CD WC   CH Tangleloft Odds On Pebwin CD WC (OS)   CH Goldwing True Bear (OS)  
CH Libra Lady Carioca CD (OD)  
AmCanCH Kinsha's Flight to Rush Hill (OD)   AmCanCH Alderbrooke's Rush Hill Rebel A/C TD(OS)  
AmCanCH Kachina's Kinsha Kari CDX (OD)  
CH Gldn Lt Goodtime Happy Ending (OD)   CH Asterling Go Getm Gangbuster (OS)   CH Birnam Wood's Mountin' Ash (OS)  
AmCanCH Amberac's Asterling Aruba (OD)  
CH Adagios Golden Light Crystal (OD)   CH Asterling Austin-Healey (OS)  
CH Adagio's Katie Starlet O'Hara (OD)  
U-CDX Manor's Cold Spring Harbor CDX, CGC   CH Elysian Sky Hi Dubl Exposure UDT MH ** WCX VCX (OS)   CH Wingwatcher Reddi To Rally CDX WC (OS)   AmCanCH Trowsnest Whirlwind UD WC Can CDX WC (OS)  
Beaumaris Fair Victory CD WCX (OD)  
CH Beaulieu's Akacia O'Darnley UDTX JH (OD)   CH Kachina's Kamiakin O'Darnley CD WC (OS)  
CH Beaulieu' Pristina WC (OD)  
CH Honor's Bunny Hop CD OA NAJ WC VCX (OD) BOSS   AmCanCH Asterling's Wild Blue Yonder (OS)   CH Signature's Sound Barrier (OS)  
CH Asterling's Wingmaster (OD)  
CH Honor's Bunny Hug (OD)   CH Gold Coast Here Comes The Sun CD (OS)  
CH Honor's Centerfold (OD)  

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