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Trinity's Perfect Storm
Hunt's Hawthorne x U-CDX Manor's Cold Spring Harbor CDX CGC
Tia's Full Pedigree
DOB: 3/7/2001

Tia is from Nikki's second litter, and like Lexi, the only girl in the litter.

Tia has that true Golden personality. She loves life and everything around her. Like her mom, she is a wonderful Retriever and is very athletic. Tia is currently being trained in obedience but she is taking a back seat to Harley and Lexi so will not be shown for awhile.

She has an outstanding head, nice length of neck and a good body. She has slightly more angulation in the rear than in the front. She has a nice, solid topline like her mom. She could use more forechest (one of her weakest spots) and is on the taller side for a bitch - measuring in around 22.5". She weighs approximately 67 pounds.

Tia has been diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma on 1/23/2007 while at the vet's office for routine bloodwork to be bred. The breeding never took place. This is heartbreaking as not only is Tia not even 6, but I never got a litter from her and she was my only breedable girl directly from Nikki.

I have decided not to do chemo on Tia, instead I am treating her holistically. She had a check-up on 2/16 and is doing fine and in fact her lymph nodes seem to have shrunk some. I know my time is very limited with my baby girl but I plan to enjoy her and let her enjoy her life to the fullest.

4 weeks old.....
Tia enjoying some time with her mom, Nikki.
Tug of war - Tia (on left) and her brother Sammy.
Tia's first portrait - 7 weeks old

Tia then - April 2001.

Tia now - November 18, 2001

Tia with her favorite toy - a stick!
Tia post surgery to remove her lymph node for biopsy. She is totally healed here, but waiting for her coat to grow back.

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January 20, 2002